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Challenge Yourself Effectively

Approach to Mindset Coaching

You have goals. I’ll be helping you to enrich them so you can more clearly envision what success looks like for you – which often ends up being more than status within your sport or discipline.

By the end of our time together, you’ll have learned tools and concepts which promote leadership capabilities and elite performance.

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What Makes My Approach Unique

This isn’t sports psychology, life coaching or a cookie cutter approach.

I’ve built a course that develops personal leadership. The course is rooted in the principles of character education, military training and corporate consulting. I’ll provide you with a systematic and strategic progression to evolve perspective and pattern of action. Our goal is to generate consistent elite performance with sustainable return.

While I ground my system within the proven Invictus Leadership Performance Model, what makes the process unique is you. An interpersonal approach gives us flexibility to tailor the system toward your needs, adapting to focus on the areas where you need the most development.

Invictus Leadership Performance Model



Your patterns of action influenced by your mindset

How you act within your view


Your overall perspective (thoughts and feelings) pre, intra and post

How you view yourself, the world and yourself within the world

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A clear understanding of how and why a mission leads to achieving your life vision

Life Vision: Who you want to be and what you want to do

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The health required to perform safely and the athleticism required to perform well

Health: Lung, heart, brain, joint, etc.

Athleticism: Speed, power, agility, stamina, etc.


The skills and knowledge required to execute your plan

Experimental and/or tried-and-true methods of execution


Your plan of action to achieve your mission

Your step by step plan beginning with the desired result in mind

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≥ 95% success rate executing items in your control

Items in your control: Your choices, emotional processes and purposeful thought tracks

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Who Invictus Works With

A good coach will help you improve. A great coach will help you jump to the next level, whether that’s going from All-Conference to All-American, or from VP to CEO; but when you strip away the increase in status, are you challenging yourself for the right reasons?

I’m interested in working with motivated professionals, athletic and executive, who are willing to challenge themselves. Ultimately, I aim to partner with people who want to lead the way.

What Clients Say About Invictus

In my 25 years of managing sports and wellbeing businesses, I’ve never experienced a model as dynamic and effective as Invictus. While most athletic performance concepts are one dimensional, Invictus places character and mindset development at the very foundation. The goals are long term and the outcomes are unrivaled. Some competitors achieve athletic improvements in their clients, while Invictus builds better human beings for the long haul. I love the breadth of the Invictus model delivered across individuals, teams, groups and organizations. Whether in a virtual setting or live, I challenge you to find a program that delivers more sustained value than Invictus.”
Glen Gunderson

CEO YMCA Twin Cities

At this level, baseball can become more than just your performance on the field. But the discipline provides clarity, allows me to keep it simple and silence the noise that can come with competing at a professional level. Less bothers and distracts me now. I focus on what’s truly important to me.”
Zach Schellenger

Member of the Boston Red Sox organization

John has designed and perfected a model for his leadership, character and identity training program. Everyone who has worked with John, including parents, thoroughly enjoys his approach – hard-lined yet compassionate and effective for instilling significant leadership traits and positive personal development habits.”
Jeanne Craft

Positive Psychologist and Strengths Development Expert

I’ve worked with John professionally for quite some time and he always delivers. His ability to turn clients into leaders is a testament to the effectiveness of the Invictus Leadership program. He is truly in a class of his own and with his high character, I would trust him with any of my athletes.”
Dr. Josh Sandell

Chief Clinical Officer of Orthology & Sports Medicine Specialist with the Minnesota Vikings

I have been a professional cross country ski racer for three years, and entering the 2018 Olympic qualifying process I was seeking a mental edge that I had been lacking in previous seasons. I was introduced to John and the Invictus program a little bit unsure of what to expect, but every session John gave me tools and perspective to tackle hurdles I had not even known existed. I have since had my best physical training period to date, in large part due to the mental freedom and fortitude the Invictus program instilled in me. Beyond just my training and racing improvements, the Invictus program has helped me refine who I want to be beyond an athlete, and an approachable process to reach these life-long goals. Invictus is uniquely suited to assist individuals from all walks of life become the best possible versions of themselves. I recommend the program without qualification.”
Anne Hart

Professional Cross Country Ski Racer


What is Invictus Leadership?

Invictus Leadership is an interpersonal, confidential coaching course that begins with an initial consultation, followed by fifteen, 50-minute sessions tailored to your unique goals. These sessions can be held in person or virtually.

You will promote yourself through the Invictus Leadership Performance Model. Starting with solidifying the foundation, you’ll work your way up to the top by developing your vision and preparing to execute your plan. At that point, clients perform consistently and sustainably.

After working through my system you will be able to better perform under pressure, grow from failure and become process-oriented. You’ll leave with a continuation plan focused on working towards and building on to your goals.

what is invictus leadership?

working together

How I Work with Clients

The introductory consultation is in place to ensure that we are comfortable working together before embarking on this journey. The interpersonal rapport that forms along the way is key to successful execution.

I take a tough, but thoughtful approach that pushes you to challenge preconceived notions of success and how to get there.

I will not tell you what to do, what to think or what to feel. Ultimately, you are held accountable to your actions.

Not to worry, the program is successful because your sense of ownership will increase. And by taking ownership of your process, you can expect your performance to increase to a level that is sustainable and advances your status within your sport or discipline.

Founder's Story, John D'Agostini

No money, no job and sleeping in my car…

I was recently out of the U.S. Army, returning to bleak circumstances. I was broke, with mounds of debt, no work, and no place to live. I began asking around for odd jobs just to make ends meet. I’d think to myself,

If I can get through this, I can get through anything.

John D'Agostini

I kept reminding myself that as long as I was willing and able to work, I was in the fight. And that’s when Invictus Leadership was born.

Over time I realized that my future and success were less about pedigree and more about my personal character. If I wanted out, I knew I had to let go of many preconceived notions about myself. I knew I had to see the world differently.

Eventually, I worked my way out of that life. And 5 years later I’m taking what I learned from those experiences and delivering those lessons to professional athletes and executives so they can free themselves from perspectives that hold people down.

Ultimately, I want members of the Invictus Family to understand that this unique approach allows them to maximize their performance while simultaneously putting them on a path towards becoming their best self. I’m sharing with them the same advice I gave myself back when things looked bleak:

Give Yourself Permission to Live Differently


  • 15+ years of coaching experience
  • Entrepreneur
  • Fortune 50 Consultant
  • VP of Curriculum Design for Character Education and Leadership Development Company
  • United States Army Soldier
  • NCAA Division I football and baseball player
  • Ivy League college graduate



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